Monday, August 02, 2010

Message from NoveList

We are pleased to announce that the implementation of the highly anticipated release of the new version of NoveList, communicated in mid-July, is scheduled to begin on August 4th. To accommodate the complex implementation, NoveList will be temporarily unavailable during the transition period.

During that time, you will still have access to the NoveList Beta site. Clicking on the NoveList link from your library’s website will take you to a “NoveList is Temporarily Unavailable” page where you’ll see a link to the NoveList Plus Beta site. While certain features are not available in the beta version, (e.g., personal folders and catalog linking) you will still have access to the complete NoveList Plus database. Because there is no Beta version for the K-8 products, all NoveList users will be directed to the same NoveList Plus Beta.

Best regards,

The NoveList Team

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