Saturday, December 16, 2006

NewsBank Special Report: Year in Review 2006

You can research any of these hot topics using NewsBank. Lansing Library card required.

NewsBank's new Special Report - The Year in Review - 2006 is now available as part of our NewsBank subscription.

The Year in Review - 2006 takes a look back at the most important events and issues that occurred during the year. While these stories were once current events, many are now history. Some continue to be headline news today. Information on these topics and many others can be found in your NewsBank products with daily updates to keep you current.

Stories include the most important issues and events in the Arts, Business, Science, Health, Government, Crime and other areas including People who made the news. New topics will be added through the remainder of the year.

Some of the top news stories you will find on this site include:

  • Pluto status change.
  • Supreme Court appointments.
  • North Korean missile tests.
  • Immigration .
  • Five year anniversary of 9/11.
  • World Cup.
  • Early admissions eliminated.
  • and many more

To help understand the top news stories of 2006, also included are.

  • Pictures of the major events and people .
  • Background information.
  • Maps of areas that were in the news.
  • Suggested search terms to use in your NewsBank products

The Year in Review - 2006 provides you with a reminder of the wealth of information that appears in news media each year. As new stories make the news in 2007, check your NewsBank products for the current events and background coverage you will need to keep informed of issues and events throughout the world.

This Special Report is available at along with your NewsBank products and many other Special Reports of interest.

Special Reports currently being featured are.
  • Natural Disasters Around the World.
  • World Geography.
  • World Environment.
  • World Economics.
  • Iraq.
  • Conflict and Terrorism Around the World

Watch for the release of two new Reports later this month -

  • The World of Film and People in the News
  • The U.N. Secretary General Change of Power

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