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Trial Offer of Marquis Who's Who in America

Trial Offer of Marquis Who's Who in America Online through August 31:
Go to
Click the upper left corner link: CURRENT SUBSCRIBERS ENTER HERE
Type user name: mls
Type password: mls
This password is good through August 31.

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What does Marquis Who’s Who Include?
The online version of Marquis Who's Who has over 1.3 million names and includes biographies that have appeared in the print volumes since 1985.It covers the following print titles:
Who's Who in America
Who WAS Who in America
Who's Who in Finance and Business
Who's Who in Medicine and Healthcare
Who's Who in Science and Engineering
Who's Who in American Education
Who's Who in American Law
Who's Who in the East
Who's Who in the Midwest
Who's Who in the South
Who's Who in the West
Who's Who in the World
Who's Who of American Women
Who's Who in 20th Century America
Who's Who in American Art (new June 2006)
ANDWho's Who in Asia (brand new title; Fall 2006)

Q: There are so many biographical sources out there. Why should I consider Who's Who?
A: The three items that make Who's Who unique are: Scope. No other database has as many names as Who's Who. The online version includes 1.3 million names of people from all professions and walks of life. Source. The information is autobiographical. Quarterly surveys aresent to each person listed in Who's Who, so you know items such as date of birth and political affiliation are accurate. Content. Marquis provides information on 21 points including entirecareer history, all civic activities, all memberships, hobbies & special interests, and religion.

Q: Can't I just find this information on the internet?
A: Yes and No. You will find the most famous Who's Who people on the internet, however over 90% of the names are not found on the internet. There is a wealth of information on the internet, but it is not always comprehensive, accurate, or authoritative. Several popular internet sites (e.g., Wikipedia, simply rely on submissions from any user and have no quality control mechanisms. Fact checking ofthese biographies eventually comes back to authoritative sources such as Marquis Who's Who.

Q: Can Who's Who be used for other reference questions, other than a simple name search?
A: Yes. Consider these reference questions answered by Who's Who:
"I am using the internet to look up people, but there is no indicationof the authoritativeness of most of the web sites I am using. I know that Marquis Who's Who Publishing is authoritative, partly because you have been in business since-is it 1899?"

"I need the address of the former astronaut Mae Jemison and can't findit anywhere on the internet."

"Who is the slave who became the inspiration for Uncle Tom in UncleTom's Cabin?"

"Who is the woman who just became president of Liberia?"

"We need a speaker for our upcoming event regarding real estate law. The person should be an accomplished attorney who knows the history of land grants."

"We are doing some fund raising for our organization and need to findpeople in our city interested in the mission of our organization. I heard that Marquis Who's Who lists people's hobbies and special interests."

"I am doing some genealogical research and need to find the organizations to which my past relatives belonged."

"My school assignment is to find inventors of various products,including the roving machine for spinning cotton, panty hose, the wristwatch calculator, and swing-up sunglasses."

"My teacher does not want us to just copy our reports from narrative sources like an encyclopedia. The requirement is to use a descriptive source like Marquis Who's Who and construct short biographies. I need to use this source at my home computer."

"Do you have a simple list of authors who have died this year?"

"The assignment for Women's History Month is to profile a successful businesswoman. Isn't the head of E-Bay a woman?"

"I need to find out what happened to Robert Jarvik, the developer of the artificial heart."

"What is the name of the man who is credited for the first mass-produced home development site? It was in Levittown, New York, right after WorldWar II."

"We need a public speaker for our pet care program. The person shouldbe an accomplished practicing veterinarian in [your city]."

"We are having a book discussion and can't find information on theauthor of this book."

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