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NewsBank HOT TOPICS for July

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NewsBank HOT TOPICS - July 2006
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CRIME AND LAW – Train Bombing in India
TOPIC: Seven bombs hit a commuter train in Bombay’s rail network. Who was responsible for these bombings? What affect does this have on train networks in other cities around the world?
SEARCH TERMS: India AND trains

SPORTS – 2006 World Cup Soccer
TOPIC: Italy has won the 2006 World Cup soccer title after its championship match against France. What was the score of the game? What are some of the highlights of the entire World Cup?
SEARCH TERMS: World Cup soccer AND championships AND playoffs

CRIME AND LAW – NYC Terror Plot Foiled
TOPIC: A plot by Al-Qaida-linked terrorists in Lebanon to bomb New York City tunnels was discovered by Lebanese authorities when they searched the files of Assem Hammoud, a professor at Lebanese International University. How were they planning to bomb these tunnels? What other information on Hammoud is known?
SEARCH TERMS: Assem Hammoud

HEALTH – Florida Court Tosses Out Tobacco Damages
TOPIC: The Florida Supreme Court has thrown out a punitive damage charge against the U.S. tobacco companies. What power did the court give to individual smokers? What was the decision about the accuracy of the tobacco companies’ position on the dangers of smoking?
SEARCH TERMS: court rulings AND tobacco industry AND Florida

ECONOMICS – Budget Closes Parts of New Jersey
TOPIC: Because of a state budget impasse, some parts of New Jersey were shut down for several days. What were the budgetary problems? Have other states experienced similar shut downs?
SEARCH TERMS: New Jersey AND shutdowns

EDUCATION – Columbine Diaries Released
TOPIC: The papers of the Columbine High School massacre have been released to the public. What are some of the papers of highest interest? Why have these documents been held for so long?
SEARCH TERMS: Columbine school shootings

INTERNATIONAL – North Korea Missile Tests
TOPIC: On July 4th, North Korea started testing long-range missiles and continued the testing after protests by the U.S. and Japan. What has been the response to these tests from the United Nations? What has been the reaction from Japan?
SEARCH TERMS: North Korea AND missiles

INTERNATIONAL – Mexican Election
TOPIC: Conservative National Action Party candidate Felipe Calderon has beaten Democratic Revolution Party candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador to win the presidency of Mexico in a highly contested election. What have been some of the policy differences between the candidates? What is Lopez Obrador questioning about the election?
SEARCH TERMS: Mexico AND elections AND presidents

ENVIRONMENT – Climate Scientists Support Gore’s Film
TOPIC: The science in Al Gore’s film about global warming, An Inconvenient Truth, has been supported by climate scientists who say his understanding of the science is correct. What groups have questioned the information in Gore’s film?
SEARCH TERMS: An Inconvenient Truth

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY – Discovery Docks at Space Station
TOPIC: The space shuttle Discovery has successfully docked with the international space station. What happened 3 years ago that makes the success of this mission so significant? What state was the space station in when the Discover crew inspected it? What is next for this mission?
SEARCH TERMS: Discovery AND space shuttle

SPORTS – Roger Federer Wins 4th Wimbledon
TOPIC: Tennis champion Roger Federer has won his 4th straight Wimbledon title. What other top titles has this tennis champion won? What tennis player has had more successive wins at Wimbledon?
SEARCH TERMS: Roger Federer AND Wimbledon

FILM AND TELEVISION – Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest
TOPIC: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest has enjoyed the largest opening in film history. What made it such a huge success? What film previously held the record of largest opening?
SEARCH TERMS: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest

FINE ARTS AND ARCHITECTURE – Getty Museum and Italy Resolve Dispute
TOPIC: The J. Paul Getty Trust has reached a deal with Italy to return a number of items belonging to the Getty Museum that Italy claims were looted. What other museums has Italy dealt with over the issue of looted property?
SEARCH TERMS: Getty Museum AND Italy

LITERATURE – Janet Evanovich’s Latest Book
TOPIC: Best-selling author Janet Evanovich has pleased fans again with her latest book Twelve Sharp. What popular Evanovich character reappears in this new book? What has made this series so popular?
SEARCH TERMS: Janet Evanovich

PERFORMING ARTS – Johnny Cash’s Last Album
TOPIC: Johnny Cash’s music reached a whole new audience in the few years before his passing with his American series. Now, American V: A Hundred Highways, the last in this series, has been posthumously released.. For which song from this series of recordings did Johnny win a Country Music Award?

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