Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Internet and Teens: Social Networking Safety Online Event

Wednesday, July 26, 2006 beginning at 10:00 a.m. Central

The Internet and Teens: Social Networking Safety

How many times have you heard a young person talk about "blogging" or "myspace" and wondered what language they were speaking? If you've ever been concerned about the amount of time that your child spends on the Internet, or wondered what they were doing, this program will help you to understand more about blogging, what role it plays in the lives of teens especially, and how you can help them to use this communication tool in a safe and positive environment.

The presenter is Bill Erbes, the Assistant Director of the Bensenville (Illinois) Community Public Library District. Bill has presented workshops on using the Internet throughout the United States for such groups as the Public Library Association, the American Association of School Librarians, the Library and Information Technology Association, and the Illinois Library Association. In addition to his work at Bensenville, Bill has made a number of Soaring to Excellence presentations, and occasionally teaches at College of DuPage and the Graduate School of Library and Information Sciences at Dominican University.

PLEASE NOTE: This program is free, but you must register by going to www.LibraryU.org. Whether you are a parent, teacher, librarian, or interested in the trends in teen Internet usage, this event will be engaging and informative.

Monday, July 24, 2006

International Book Chat

Join readers in Singapore and around the world for an online chat about The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. Chat will use MSN Messenger. For details on how to register and participate, visit the website for details. A project of READ Singapore. Open to Adults and teens.

Tuesday, July 25 @ 7:00 a.m.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Beware of Phishing!

Many library staff recently received an email that appeared to be from Amazon.com asking us to click on the link, which was labeled http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/sign-in.html and verify our account information. Clicking on the link actually leads you to which is NOT an Amazon.com web page.

This is an example of phishing.

Beware of clicking links in emails asking you to verify your account information.

If you receive such an email, open your web browser, manually type in the main URL of the company or bank (such as www.amazon.com), then log into your account. If the email concerns your local banking information, just pick up the phone and see if they need to verify anything!

Trial Offer of Marquis Who's Who in America

Trial Offer of Marquis Who's Who in America Online through August 31:
Go to www.marquiswhoswho.com
Click the upper left corner link: CURRENT SUBSCRIBERS ENTER HERE
Type user name: mls
Type password: mls
This password is good through August 31.

Post a comment here to let us know what you think about this resource!

What does Marquis Who’s Who Include?
The online version of Marquis Who's Who has over 1.3 million names and includes biographies that have appeared in the print volumes since 1985.It covers the following print titles:
Who's Who in America
Who WAS Who in America
Who's Who in Finance and Business
Who's Who in Medicine and Healthcare
Who's Who in Science and Engineering
Who's Who in American Education
Who's Who in American Law
Who's Who in the East
Who's Who in the Midwest
Who's Who in the South
Who's Who in the West
Who's Who in the World
Who's Who of American Women
Who's Who in 20th Century America
Who's Who in American Art (new June 2006)
ANDWho's Who in Asia (brand new title; Fall 2006)

Q: There are so many biographical sources out there. Why should I consider Who's Who?
A: The three items that make Who's Who unique are: Scope. No other database has as many names as Who's Who. The online version includes 1.3 million names of people from all professions and walks of life. Source. The information is autobiographical. Quarterly surveys aresent to each person listed in Who's Who, so you know items such as date of birth and political affiliation are accurate. Content. Marquis provides information on 21 points including entirecareer history, all civic activities, all memberships, hobbies & special interests, and religion.

Q: Can't I just find this information on the internet?
A: Yes and No. You will find the most famous Who's Who people on the internet, however over 90% of the names are not found on the internet. There is a wealth of information on the internet, but it is not always comprehensive, accurate, or authoritative. Several popular internet sites (e.g., Wikipedia, famousamericans.net) simply rely on submissions from any user and have no quality control mechanisms. Fact checking ofthese biographies eventually comes back to authoritative sources such as Marquis Who's Who.

Q: Can Who's Who be used for other reference questions, other than a simple name search?
A: Yes. Consider these reference questions answered by Who's Who:
"I am using the internet to look up people, but there is no indicationof the authoritativeness of most of the web sites I am using. I know that Marquis Who's Who Publishing is authoritative, partly because you have been in business since-is it 1899?"

"I need the address of the former astronaut Mae Jemison and can't findit anywhere on the internet."

"Who is the slave who became the inspiration for Uncle Tom in UncleTom's Cabin?"

"Who is the woman who just became president of Liberia?"

"We need a speaker for our upcoming event regarding real estate law. The person should be an accomplished attorney who knows the history of land grants."

"We are doing some fund raising for our organization and need to findpeople in our city interested in the mission of our organization. I heard that Marquis Who's Who lists people's hobbies and special interests."

"I am doing some genealogical research and need to find the organizations to which my past relatives belonged."

"My school assignment is to find inventors of various products,including the roving machine for spinning cotton, panty hose, the wristwatch calculator, and swing-up sunglasses."

"My teacher does not want us to just copy our reports from narrative sources like an encyclopedia. The requirement is to use a descriptive source like Marquis Who's Who and construct short biographies. I need to use this source at my home computer."

"Do you have a simple list of authors who have died this year?"

"The assignment for Women's History Month is to profile a successful businesswoman. Isn't the head of E-Bay a woman?"

"I need to find out what happened to Robert Jarvik, the developer of the artificial heart."

"What is the name of the man who is credited for the first mass-produced home development site? It was in Levittown, New York, right after WorldWar II."

"We need a public speaker for our pet care program. The person shouldbe an accomplished practicing veterinarian in [your city]."

"We are having a book discussion and can't find information on theauthor of this book."

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Friday, July 14, 2006

NewsBank HOT TOPICS for July

Lansing Library card holders can visit http://www.lansing.lib.il.us/catalog.htm#NewsBank to login to Newsbank from home, or use it in the library!

NewsBank HOT TOPICS - July 2006
See more information on these topics in NewsBank Special Reports
CRIME AND LAW – Train Bombing in India
TOPIC: Seven bombs hit a commuter train in Bombay’s rail network. Who was responsible for these bombings? What affect does this have on train networks in other cities around the world?
SEARCH TERMS: India AND trains

SPORTS – 2006 World Cup Soccer
TOPIC: Italy has won the 2006 World Cup soccer title after its championship match against France. What was the score of the game? What are some of the highlights of the entire World Cup?
SEARCH TERMS: World Cup soccer AND championships AND playoffs

CRIME AND LAW – NYC Terror Plot Foiled
TOPIC: A plot by Al-Qaida-linked terrorists in Lebanon to bomb New York City tunnels was discovered by Lebanese authorities when they searched the files of Assem Hammoud, a professor at Lebanese International University. How were they planning to bomb these tunnels? What other information on Hammoud is known?
SEARCH TERMS: Assem Hammoud

HEALTH – Florida Court Tosses Out Tobacco Damages
TOPIC: The Florida Supreme Court has thrown out a punitive damage charge against the U.S. tobacco companies. What power did the court give to individual smokers? What was the decision about the accuracy of the tobacco companies’ position on the dangers of smoking?
SEARCH TERMS: court rulings AND tobacco industry AND Florida

ECONOMICS – Budget Closes Parts of New Jersey
TOPIC: Because of a state budget impasse, some parts of New Jersey were shut down for several days. What were the budgetary problems? Have other states experienced similar shut downs?
SEARCH TERMS: New Jersey AND shutdowns

EDUCATION – Columbine Diaries Released
TOPIC: The papers of the Columbine High School massacre have been released to the public. What are some of the papers of highest interest? Why have these documents been held for so long?
SEARCH TERMS: Columbine school shootings

INTERNATIONAL – North Korea Missile Tests
TOPIC: On July 4th, North Korea started testing long-range missiles and continued the testing after protests by the U.S. and Japan. What has been the response to these tests from the United Nations? What has been the reaction from Japan?
SEARCH TERMS: North Korea AND missiles

INTERNATIONAL – Mexican Election
TOPIC: Conservative National Action Party candidate Felipe Calderon has beaten Democratic Revolution Party candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador to win the presidency of Mexico in a highly contested election. What have been some of the policy differences between the candidates? What is Lopez Obrador questioning about the election?
SEARCH TERMS: Mexico AND elections AND presidents

ENVIRONMENT – Climate Scientists Support Gore’s Film
TOPIC: The science in Al Gore’s film about global warming, An Inconvenient Truth, has been supported by climate scientists who say his understanding of the science is correct. What groups have questioned the information in Gore’s film?
SEARCH TERMS: An Inconvenient Truth

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY – Discovery Docks at Space Station
TOPIC: The space shuttle Discovery has successfully docked with the international space station. What happened 3 years ago that makes the success of this mission so significant? What state was the space station in when the Discover crew inspected it? What is next for this mission?
SEARCH TERMS: Discovery AND space shuttle

SPORTS – Roger Federer Wins 4th Wimbledon
TOPIC: Tennis champion Roger Federer has won his 4th straight Wimbledon title. What other top titles has this tennis champion won? What tennis player has had more successive wins at Wimbledon?
SEARCH TERMS: Roger Federer AND Wimbledon

FILM AND TELEVISION – Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest
TOPIC: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest has enjoyed the largest opening in film history. What made it such a huge success? What film previously held the record of largest opening?
SEARCH TERMS: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest

FINE ARTS AND ARCHITECTURE – Getty Museum and Italy Resolve Dispute
TOPIC: The J. Paul Getty Trust has reached a deal with Italy to return a number of items belonging to the Getty Museum that Italy claims were looted. What other museums has Italy dealt with over the issue of looted property?
SEARCH TERMS: Getty Museum AND Italy

LITERATURE – Janet Evanovich’s Latest Book
TOPIC: Best-selling author Janet Evanovich has pleased fans again with her latest book Twelve Sharp. What popular Evanovich character reappears in this new book? What has made this series so popular?
SEARCH TERMS: Janet Evanovich

PERFORMING ARTS – Johnny Cash’s Last Album
TOPIC: Johnny Cash’s music reached a whole new audience in the few years before his passing with his American series. Now, American V: A Hundred Highways, the last in this series, has been posthumously released.. For which song from this series of recordings did Johnny win a Country Music Award?

NewsBank, inc. 4501 Tamiami Trail North, Suite 315, Naples, FL 34103 (800) 762-8182 www.newsbank.com

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Channel 4 All the Time!

Channel 4 All the Time!
Originally uploaded by lansinglibrary.
Dave from Channel 4 donated this TV to display all the programming and announcements! It's by the Adult Circulation Desk, so you can see what's happening in town while you wait to check out! Thanks Dave!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Internet Time Extended!

Several people had mentioned to us that it is difficult to complete online job applications in our 60 minute internet time limit.

Effective today, when you initially log on to the Internet at the library, you'll get 90 minutes!

You may still renew your time if you need to, and renewals are in 30 minute increments if machines are not in high demand.

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