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Hot Topics: Coretta Scott King, James Frey, John Boehner, Enron and more!

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HISTORY – Black History Month
TOPIC: February is Black History Month. What activities are planned to celebrate the accomplishments of African Americans? Will the recent loss of Coretta Scott King and Rosa Parks have an affect on these celebrations?
SEARCH TERMS: African American OR Black History

HEALTH – Cancer in Tasmanian Devils
TOPIC: A mysterious illness has killed tens of thousands of Tasmanian devils in Australia. What caused their deaths? What affect will this have on cancer research?
SEARCH TERMS: Australia AND cancer research

TOPIC: At the edge of the solar system, a celestial body that may be a planet has been recently discovered. What constitutes a planet? What do we know about this new planet?
SEARCH TERMS: discoveries in science AND planets

CIVICS, GOVERNMENT AND POLITICS - Representative John Boehner
TOPIC: Representative John Boehner of Ohio has been voted by House Republicans to replace Tom Delay as House Majority Leader. Why was a replacement needed? What are the responsibilities of House Majority Leader?
SEARCH TERMS: Boehner, John

CRIME AND LAW – Domestic Surveillance
TOPIC: To gather information that would help prevent future terrorist attacks, the Bush administration has authorized covert wiretaps on the foreign communication of suspected terrorists within the U.S. What are the laws for domestic surveillance? What communication is needed between branches of government to institute these wiretaps?
SEARCH TERMS: electronic surveillance AND terrorism and terrorists

ECONOMICS – Coal Mine Safety
TOPIC: President Bush has called for a set-aside time for coal mines to cease production and conduct safety checks. Why has he called for these checks? What are some of the hazards facing coal miners?
SEARCH TERMS: coal industry AND mines and mining

ECONOMICS – Enron Trial
TOPIC: The trial of Enron chiefs Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling has begun in Houston. What is the reason for their being on trial? What are the specific crimes that Lay and Skilling have been accused?
SEARCH TERMS: Skilling, Jeffrey K. AND Lay, Kenneth L.

TOPIC: The militant Islamic group HAMAS has won a landslide victory in the Palestinian elections that ended a four decade rule by the Fatah Party. Who are HAMAS? What are their policies? How do other countries feel about working with HAMAS?

INTERNATIONAL – Mexico/U.S. Migrant Database
TOPIC: The governments of the U.S. and Mexico have created a database designed to track migrants and account for the missing that may have died or assumed a false identity. What other actions have the U.S. and Mexico taken in regard to Mexican migrant workers in the U.S.?
SEARCH TERMS: Mexico AND U.S. AND border control

SOCIAL ISSUES – Anti-Islam Cartoons
TOPIC: Cartoon caricatures of the Muslim prophet Mohammed that have been published in several European newspapers have spurred angry Islamic protests across the Middle East. Who was Mohammed? Who is expressing this anger? Why are they angry? Is their anger justified?
SEARCH TERMS: Political cartoons AND Mohammed

ENVIRONMENT – Oil Dependency
TOPIC: President Bush’s recent State of the Union speech described the U.S. as having an “addiction to oil”. Do you agree? What other kinds of energy could provide an alternative to oil? What advancements have been made to bring these energy sources into mainstream use?
SEARCH TERMS: alternative energy sources

SPORTS – Super Bowl XL
TOPIC: The Super Bowl game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Seattle Seahawks was held in Detroit. What is unusual about the Pittsburgh Steelers appearance in the Super Bowl? What was the outcome of the game?

TOPIC: The Academy Award nominations have been announced. What actors have been nominated? What movies were nominated? When will the winners be announced? Who do you think will win?
SEARCH TERMS: Academy Awards

TOPIC: James Frey, the author of the popular autobiography of dramatic recovery from substance abuse A Million Little Pieces, has been exposed as filling his book with exaggeration and made-up stories. Who was the original supporter of this book? How has she reacted to this situation? What are the implications of having your work challenged for authenticity?
SEARCH TERMS: Frey, James OR “A Million Little Pieces”

PEOPLE – Coretta Scott King
TOPIC: Coretta Scott King, the widow of civil rights leader Martin Luther King and a long-standing leader for civil rights in the name of her late husband, has passed away. What legacy has Coretta Scott King left for the civil rights movement?
SEARCH TERMS: Coretta Scott King

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