Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Youth Printing...[updated]

Youth Services public printing is out of order now being routed to the paystation on the upper level. You must go upstairs to pay for your print job and release it to the printer queue.

We're working on an alternative option for our patrons.

In the meantime, all patrons may print using the terminals on the upper level.

The 4 terminals located near the Adult Reference Desk have been designated for Microsoft Word only.

If you are using our catalog, the internet, email, or an online database please use other available terminals. Have a seat at 2 terminals at the far side of the atrium, or at the 2 accessible terminals near Circulation.

Please remember that all printing tasks must be completed before the library closes.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Web Forms [update]

Due to a recent change, the email forms on out library website (contact us, suggestion box, and assignment alerts, sign up for e-mail notices) are not working.

We have reported this to our support team. This issue has been resolved.

Until this is resolved, please email webmaster@lansing.lib.il.us and your request will be routed to the appropriate department.

If you sent information to us via an email form on our website between Thursday Oct. 13th and Monday Oct. 17th (before noon), please resubmit the information.