Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Get Your Notices in Your E-Mail [revised]

You can now elect to receive your Hold Notices and Overdue Notices in your e-mail!

This will help the Library reduce postage costs and allow Circulation staff to make fewer phone calls, which gives them more time to assist patrons!

For all the details and to sign-up visit

Q. How is this different from Library Elf?

A. Signing-up for e-mail notification with the form on this page will save staff time, and postage costs.

Library Elf is a third-party product. Lansing Library has no knowledge of which of our patrons have signed up for Library Elf's reminder services, so we still have to phone or mail the notices.

Library Elf can send you reminders before your items are due.

Lansing Library generated e-mail notices will arrive 14 days after item was due back.

Both services have advantages for our patrons, you may register for both.

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