Friday, September 30, 2005

Cook County Property Tax Website

According to the Cook County Treasurer's Office website, Property Tax bills are being mailed this week. They will be due November 1st.

Anxious? You can log on now to see your bill and make sure all the exemptions you were entitled to were applied. [choose payment status and log in with your Property Index Number which you can find on last year's statement...or try their search to find your PIN]

The site also includes links to information on Services for Seniors, including information about Circuit Breaker, Senior Tax Exemptions, Senior Tax Deferral, Disabled Veteran's Benefits, and more.

They're also offering a convenient online payment option.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget

in terms of appealing property assessments (which in turn affect your taxes). There are a number of tools on the site to research comparable properties and file an appeal.

also has a list of relevant links, as well as a "5-minute-appeal-wizard" which seems interesting.

Anonymous said...

Oops, the links didn't work, here they are again

Illinois Property Tax Relief

Cook County Assessor