Friday, September 30, 2005

Cook County Property Tax Website

According to the Cook County Treasurer's Office website, Property Tax bills are being mailed this week. They will be due November 1st.

Anxious? You can log on now to see your bill and make sure all the exemptions you were entitled to were applied. [choose payment status and log in with your Property Index Number which you can find on last year's statement...or try their search to find your PIN]

The site also includes links to information on Services for Seniors, including information about Circuit Breaker, Senior Tax Exemptions, Senior Tax Deferral, Disabled Veteran's Benefits, and more.

They're also offering a convenient online payment option.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Library Closed

Lansing Library will be closed Monday, October 3, 2005 for staff training.

You may return items in the book drop located to the right of the upper level entrance.

Our website and catalog may be unavailable for a limited time Monday as we perform maintenance.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Get Your Notices in Your E-Mail [revised]

You can now elect to receive your Hold Notices and Overdue Notices in your e-mail!

This will help the Library reduce postage costs and allow Circulation staff to make fewer phone calls, which gives them more time to assist patrons!

For all the details and to sign-up visit

Q. How is this different from Library Elf?

A. Signing-up for e-mail notification with the form on this page will save staff time, and postage costs.

Library Elf is a third-party product. Lansing Library has no knowledge of which of our patrons have signed up for Library Elf's reminder services, so we still have to phone or mail the notices.

Library Elf can send you reminders before your items are due.

Lansing Library generated e-mail notices will arrive 14 days after item was due back.

Both services have advantages for our patrons, you may register for both.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Genealogy Research on WorldCat

Use WorldCat to do genealogy research! Use their genealogy research tutorial, get answers to common questions. Connect to the OCLC WorldCat Login page

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

New Katrina Information Search Tool

Google has created a special search engine to find information about relief efforts for Hurricane Katrina, housing resources and a people finder.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Upcoming Computer Classes

We're accepting registrations for hands-on computer classes in October.

Register at the Adult Services Desk (or you may phone 708-474-2447 ext. 122)

There are still spaces available in some of the September classes too!

Don't miss the lecture this Saturday, discussing Internet Auctions (such as eBay.)
Please register with Adult Services.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Current events in the news, and suggested search terms to find articles in NewsBank

Access NewsBank in the library, or on the internet!

From: NewsBank HOT TOPICS
Environment - Hurricane Katrina
Topic: Hurricane Katrina came ashore as a category 4 storm packing winds over 150 mph and causing devastation to New Orleans, Louisiana, Mobile Alabama, and other nearby cities – flooding, epidemics, destroyed buildings, etc. What is being done to aid the people of these areas?
Search: hurricanes AND damage reports

Civics, Government and Politics – Supreme Court Nominee
Topic: Judge John G. Roberts Jr. has been nominated by President Bush for to fill the seat of Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Who is John Roberts? Why is this position available? What needs to happen before he can assume this position?
Search: Roberts, John G.

Economics – Gasoline Prices
Topic: Gasoline prices are the highest since they peaked at $3.11 per gallon in 1981. In many large cities prices have now exceeded $3 per gallon and the economic impact is putting a strain on both personal and commercial auto use. What are the reasons for this higher price? What do you think the outcome will be?
Search: gasoline AND prices AND economic impact

Education – No Child Left Behind
Topic: Connecticut is the first state to sue the federal government over the No Child Left Behind Act. What are the reasons for this suit? How do other states feel about this action?
Search: Connecticut AND No Child Left Behind.

History – John F. Kennedy Tapes Declassified
Topic: The information from many meetings held between The President and top government officials is considered classified. What is classified information? Tapes of meetings held between President Kennedy and his officials in the 1960’s have been declassified. What does this mean? What information is in these tapes?
Search: Kennedy, John F.AND history

International – Wildlife Management
Topic: Kenya’s Wildlife Service is relocating elephants from one area to another. Why are they doing this? How do they accomplish this move?
Search: elephants AND wildlife management

Environment – Global Warming
Topic: Greenland has recently hosted an international conference of environmental ministers on global warming which concluded that retreating glaciers show that the planet is approaching a dangerous level of warming and action must immediately take place to reverse it. What does this mean to the earth? What can be done to help this situation?
Search: glaciers AND global warming.

Health – Mad Cow Disease
Topic: There is a new theory that mad cow disease came from humans. What is mad cow disease? What evidence is there that this is an accurate conclusion?
Search: mad cow disease

Science and Technology – Gene Mapping
Topic: Scientists have finished deciphering the DNA of chimpanzees. Why was this done? What did they learn?
Search: chimpanzees AND DNA

Film and Television - Documentaries
Topic: March of the Penguins is a documentary film. What is a documentary? What other ones have been released recently? How does a documentary compare with a fiction movie?
Search: documentaries

Fine Arts and Architecture – Building Renovations
Topic: One of the nation's most esteemed buildings has just undergone a successful renovation. Crown Hall at the Illinois Institute of Technology, a masterpiece by famous architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, re-opened recently. What is the significance of this building and this architect?
Search: Mies van der Rohe, Ludwig.

People – William H. Rehnquist
Topic: William Rehnquist was the Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court until his recent death. How long was he on the Supreme Court? For what contributions will he be remembered?
Search: Rehnquist, William H.

Performing Arts – The Rolling Stones
Topic: The Rolling Stones, a rock band that's been around for 43 years, are touring again - opening their 37 city tour with a concert at Fenway Park in Boston Massachusetts. Where else are they appearing? Why has this band lasted for so many years?
Search: Rolling Stones (musical group).

Sports – Track and Field
Topic: The United States dominated this year's World Track and Field Championships in Helsinki, Finland by winning a record-breaking 14 gold medals. In what events did they win? How did other countries score?
Search: track and field sports.

NewsBank, inc. 4501 Tamiami Trail North, Suite 315, Naples, FL 34103 (800) 762-8182

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Access OCLC's WorldCat from home!

Discover the World at your Library!

Library users can access OCLC FirstSearch at the library or from home at

Lansing Public Library offers access to the world’s library collections
(Lansing, IL, September 1, 2005)—Patrons of the Lansing Public Library now have more ways to find all types of materials in local libraries and in other libraries around the world. Through the WorldCat database, which contains records of materials in libraries worldwide, library users can find books, eBooks, videos, DVDs, magazine articles and other items in libraries everywhere.

Thousands of libraries worldwide contribute information about their new
resources to WorldCat daily, making it an international resource for locating and sharing materials selected by librarians for their users. Recent enhancements allow users to quickly pinpoint local materials.

“Our users can extend their research beyond our library using WorldCat,” said Kelli Staley.” Lansing Public Library users can find information on everything from antiques to zoology. Students of all ages can locate information for research papers, science fair projects and book reports. Teachers can find electronic and audiovisual materials. Members of the business community can find resources on companies and business practices, such as accounting or marketing, including publications from the Small Business Administration.”

“WorldCat can be a particular boon to genealogists,” added Kelli Staley. “Not only does it contain records and locations for census and family history documents, but it also contains records giving library location information on more than 130,000 newspapers published in the United States, ranging from Publick Occurrences (1690) to USA Today.”

WorldCat is available through the OCLC FirstSearch service, a reference service offering more than 70 databases in a variety of subjects. Library users can look for materials using the Chinese, English, French, Japanese or Spanish interface and in basic, advanced or expert search modes. They also can see whether the Lansing Public Library owns materials, and if not, request them from another library. Citations in many databases link to ejournals. Library staff can borrow materials that are not available in Lansing Public Library.

Lansing Public Library also offers its users many other databases, including Newsbank, Ebsco, Grolier, and Hoover’s. We also offer InterLibrary Loan services through SWAN and Illinet Online.

FirstSearch is a service of OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc., headquartered in Dublin, Ohio. OCLC is a nonprofit, membership, computer library service and research organization whose computer network and services link more than 41,000 libraries in 82 countries and territories. For more information, visit these web sites: < > and
< >.